Lives Informed by His Word

Legacies Formed by His Faithfulness

Assuring no generation rises up that "knows not the Lord, nor the works that He has done"    Judges 2:10

What We Do

Revealing the truth of God's Word as it relates to our stewardship is what Legacy for Eternity¬© is all about.  

Truly, error renders us confused at best, and enslaves us at worst.  God's truth, however, as John 8:32 tells us, enables us - and "sets us free".   For believers, who should be the embodiment of truth, living by God's design is a living portrayal of the power of God's Word, and leaves an undeniable imprint of God's faithfulness for those who follow behind.  

Strengthening the Church - Perpetuating Ministry


At Legacy for Eternity¬©, we are committed to holding forth the truth of God's Word as it relates to stewardship, and assisting God's people in applying it - including in their estate and legacy planning.  Through strategically structured sessions, whether stand alone or in combination with one another, our teaching program "zeroes in" upon the messages the world sends us, and counters them with the truth of God's Word.  

Honoring Him - Making Legacies Eternal !


The local church is the focal point of God's program in this present age, and ministries that work in collaborative fashion with the Church, like LeTourneau University, assure that continued generations are sent out that are spiritually and technically equipped to make "mission fields of the workplaces" to which they are called.  

We are committed to raising an awareness of how biblical stewardship can strengthen and perpetuate these and other ministries.  Through this program, families will be strengthened, testimonies will gain impact, and most importantly, God's testimony of faithfulness will be perpetuated to future generations!   

Experience the Impact upon your ministry!


As we now serve in concert with LeTourneau University, please contact us through the LeTourneau University Foundation, Executive Director Tom Bevan, at or 800-259-5388. 

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