Sessions that can "set up" Estate and Legacy Planning

"Getting Our Houses in Order"

In what can be an opener, we talk about the importance of believers being truly "set free" by truth (John 8:32).  We look at the present ill effects of poor stewardship taking place all around us - and how, from Romans 12:1-2,  we can (and should) rise above all that through a transformed mindset, and lifestyle.

"Raising our Stewardship IQ"

In a second, successive discussion we zero in on the universal application of God's truth to all facets of our lives (2 Timothy 3:16-17) .  We dive deep into God's Word for what we come to know about God, and ourselves, when we view our resources as He does - and manage them in God honoring ways!

"Impacting Others, Impacting Ourselves"

In what could be a more formal time of study, we examine 2 Corinthians 8-9, and learn about the power of our involvement in the lives of others - and what we deprive ourselves of when we don't live our lives with an "open hand and open heart" !  

Our "Hallmark" Session - Estate and Legacy Planning

In this all important session, we speak to the importance of our lifelong stewardship "surviving us" (because it can!).  Just as it was to be in the life of early Israel, God's testimony of faithfulness in our lives - that powerful narrative, is to be an example to those coming up behind us!  We get very practical about what effective and intentional estate planning addresses - and how it can be "empowered" with charitable intention.  We then equip you with the tools and information you need for an efficient, effective time with a qualifed attorney.

Additional segments are also available on: Managing our Time and Talent, Stewarding Aging Parents,and an informative time with Church Leadership focusing upon "ministry action plans", vision and mission, risk assessment, the qualities and qualifications of leadership.